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Media Release 22 April 2009: World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference

At the time of the annual World Nuclear Fuel Conference currently being held in Sydney, it is timely to put the nuclear industry into perspective. Professor Richard Broinowski, Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney and a former Australian Ambassador, said: "Two massive impediments stand in the way of any nuclear ‘renaissance’. The first is an economic problem. Despite pro-nuclear declarations to the contrary, the global nuclear power industry's share of electricity generation is falling not rising. In September 2008, 439 nuclear reactors were producing 372 gigawatts of power in 31 countries, about 14 percent of the world’s commercial electricity. This was down from 16 percent in 2005 and 15 percent in 2006.
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Media Release 29 August 2007: Who's Watching the Nuclear Watchdog?: New report

The EnergyScience Coalition is today releasing a comprehensive, 14,000 word critique of the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office, the Commonwealth agency tasked with preventing proliferation dangers associated with Australia's uranium exports. The report details many false and misleading statements by the Safeguards Office and calls on the Howard government to establish an independent public inquiry
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Media Release 9 August 2007: India uranium deal will fuel proliferation: New report

Energyscience has released a new report today that highlights serious risks with the federal government’s plan to allow uranium sales to India. Launched on the 62nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, the paper, 'Uranium, India and the Nuclear Non-proliferation Regime' follows last week's public release of a nuclear agreement between the US and India, and the announcement by foreign minister Alexander Downer that the federal Cabinet will soon discuss proposed uranium sales to India.
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Media Release 2 April 2007: Energy Expert Exposes 'Base-Load' Electricity Fallacy

The energyscience panel has today released a new briefing paper which lays to rest the government's false arguments about base-load energy sources
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Media Release 31 Jan 2007: Response to Energy Supply Association of Australia Report.

The energyscience panel has today criticised a report that proposes the introduction of nuclear power in Australia.
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Media Release 24 Nov 2006: Response to UMPNER draft report.

The energyscience panel has released its analysis of the draft report Uranium Mining and Nuclear Energy Review (the Switkowski report).
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Media Release 20 Nov 2006: Launch announced.

A panel of scientists, engineers and nuclear policy experts has today launched a series of nuclear briefing papers on its website, in anticipation of Tuesday's release of a draft report by the Howard government's Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy Review (UMPNER).
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